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Do you ever get to a part of the book where you get so angry with the main character because he just did something you specifically asked him not to do and now you’re going to have to sit there and watch as he tries to deal with all of the problems that his mistake brought about when, if he had just listened to you in the first place, it would have all been fine?

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"I am the sea and nobody owns me."
Pippi Longstocking. Dir. Clive A. Smith.  (via vvni)

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why is the chow chow paired with a lioness toy

Look at his face.  He’s wondering the same thing.

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i find it interesting that when it comes to liking girls I’m just like GIRLS ALL GIRLS YES PERFECT GIRLS but with boys i’m like you must fit criteria 1-9 but 9 is optional only if you completely fill criteria 10-13 with a non-optional essay on 21st century sexism due by 5am


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One more thing I love about Maleficent



In the House of Mouse series, she’s apparently the HBIC of the villains.


Hook wants some.


Chernabog obviously got some.


Jafar did not have game.


And there’s a whole episode about how much Hades wants to date her.

So according to House of Mouse, Maleficent basically goes around breaking the hearts of every villain who looks her way. Mistress of All Evil indeed.

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can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person

Is this a comic? This should be a comic.

"no stupid, oh my god. no just… just turn… fuck. don’t wander over there, you’re gonna fall down the… aaand there he goes………….. moron.”

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"When you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn’t place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

Jamie Raskin - who is now a senator in Maryland and served as floor manager of the recently passed bill allowing same sex marriage.  




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I dont understand why, for a girl to be considered badass and strong in movies and books, she has to be tomboyish, not wear makeup and not like girly things?

Girls should be allowed to put on lipstick and flowery dresses then conquer the world by crushing the necks of their enemies under their 6 inch heels

Y’all need Buffy.

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Guys looks what i found on Amazon!!!!image

An hourglass that uses magnetic fluid!

and in case you forgot how awesome magnetic fluid is…


Heres the link! go buy one! (or two and send me one, cause im poor, even though its only $20…)

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Brings a tear to our eye. 
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Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch at the Opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan (July, 14)

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Anonymous said: I've always wanted to bang a sexy scientist on a lab bench...want to help me out? ;)



Right, like I’m going to contaminate my sterile lab bench with foreign DNA just so I can fulfill the ridiculous sexual fantasy of an internet stranger who wants to objectify me and my profession. 

A+ Response

Once this boy texted me, “You would look real sexy in just goggles, a lab coat and some heels” and I was like, “Wait…what”

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